piątek, 21 czerwca 2013

Dancing in the wind.

It's something new I wanted to show you. I took some amazing photos with my friend Rania,
It's very hard to keep a secret safe, when I tell my friend a secret, next day I want to tell it everyone.
One of my biggest secrets is flying with the wind and too many people have heard about it. You can't trust every person you've met. Well that's my problem...

Love the mix.<3

poniedziałek, 10 czerwca 2013

Stay strong... Military !

Short break is over and I'm back...
A lot of things happend during last 3 weeks. It's too much to write. It's still hard to understand everything, but like one person said to me: Keep your head up :) I'm really thankful to everyone who has tried to help :))
One chapter in my life has ended, and now a new chapter beginns.
New school, new people, new teachers,
old me !

I love my look...

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