niedziela, 21 września 2014


Look. What have you done? Are you insane? No I'm not... Maybe I am. Who cares? It's already dark outside. It's 0:41 o'clock in the morning. Look. There's the moon shining like a big orange firefly. Just sitting there .. watching. What do you see? 
I see stars in the sky and beautiful clouds moving very slowly. What do you hear? 
I hear trees rustling in the wind and hundreds of crickets singing their beautiful songs in the grass.   I love moments like this. Here I am, sitting, smoking a cigarette and crying inside of me. Red eyes, salty tears streaming down my cheeks, beautiful smoke coming out of my mouth. Sing! Louder! Show me your anger, your sadness... Show me everything that's bothering you. 
Weeks later, I'm here again. Sitting on the terrace, alone. I can't sleep anymore. I can't do anything. I don't understand why. I do know the reason, but why?! Why the hell do I feel so awful?
That's unbelievable, how one person is destroying you. I feel like I'm falling apart into a billion tiny pieces and the worst Part is that I can't do anything 'bout it. I feel like something has been stolen from me, a strange, unknown feeling that existed somewhere deep inside me.
I'm broken. I'm free. I'm sad. I'm happy. I'm relieved.

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