niedziela, 29 marca 2015


Everyday I'm pretending that everything's fine...
But it's not. 

Everyday I'm wearing different masks on my face.
I have dozens of them in my pocket. 
Today I tried to be happy.
At least to look happy. 
So I smiled every time I saw someone/something,
My mom, my brother, my stepfather,
An animal or a strange human-being on a street.
But it didn't change anything. 
So I resumed an investigation.
And I found a perfect partner, who was waiting for his debut deep down in the darkness of my pocket.  
His name is Careless and he looks like my twin brother, of whom I've always dreamed of.
I asked him if he wanted to be ME for a couple of days.
He said yes.
... Hi, my name is Careless.